The sport of gymnastics has grown dramatically in popularity each year, for both boys and girls alike!  Gymnastics offers a positive outlet and energy release for children who seemingly are receiving less and less time to play!  With the push for academic excellence in our public schools beginning as early as Kindergarten, children are being robbed of opportunities to engage in enough physical activity.

Fit Kids Gymnastics & Creative Movement Classes are for ages 3 and up and are currently held in local preschools throughout Placer County.  Classes are 50 minutes and action-packed, full of fun activities and skill builders!  Students work individually with the instructor learning fundamental GYMNASTICS skills and techniques on the MAT, BALANCE BEAM, WEDGE, DOUGHNUT, MAILBOX, TRAMPOLINE, and SPRING BOARD. During CREATIVE MOVEMENT, students act out stories, learn short routines to music, or work with balls, ropes, hoops, ribbons or parachute.  CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is integrated into each lesson to support the social and emotional needs of our students. Skills such as problem solving, self-discipline, leadership, cooperation, and gratitude are emphasized and modeled.