Our Philosophy

4 Pillars.jpg

Fit Kids operates on 4 pillars of a child’s development: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Community. By focusing on all of these areas, we feel we are addressing the needs of the whole child.

Pillar One:  Developing the mind by promoting both problem-solving and critical thinking skills, along with guiding students to make good choices which lead to positive outcomes.

Pillar Two:  Promoting a strong physical body by encouraging a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, healthy eating, proper hydration, and ample rest.

Pillar Three:  Fostering good character and positive socio-emotional growth by appealing to the spirit, or soul, of each student, which encompasses one's temperament & personality, emotions & driving forces, and how one interprets the world around him/her .

Pillar Four:  Encouraging our students to become “others-centered” as they consider the needs of their family, their peers, and those less fortunate in their local community.